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Stick it with Static

Patented, glue-free and eco-friendly, electrostatic-charged Slicky Notes stick to almost any surface – walls, wallpaper, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, whiteboards, metal, and stainless steel!

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Why glue-up (and screw up) your walls with some clunky, junky chemical when you could use cool, clean physics? C’mon, glue is for paste eaters. Post with Slicky Notes and see how many “likes” you get from your friends, family, and office mates.

Slicky Notes can help you get “Un-stuck}. (We’re Slidable). Slicky Notes aren’t just glue-free, they set “You Free.” You probably put notes on walls so you can organize or brainstorm. People are surprised by how notes that use glue causes them to be “stuck”– mentally discouraging them from changing their mind. Slicky Notes aren’t just glue-free, they set “You Free.”

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Erasable. Reusable. Two-Sideable. Mind-changing can be game-changing. With Slicky Notes, you’re not stuck with your first thought. Just dry erase it and replace it. You can even expound on an idea and add to it, since you can write on both sides.

Make Your Big Ideas Portable. Write down inspiration, roll it up take it to the office next day. 23” x 30” Slicky Boards scale to handle your big ideas.

So Many Uses, So Many Post-iblities. With so many ways to use them, (and reuse them) on so many surfaces, you’re only limited by your imagination. Check out all the different sizes, colors and styles. Slicky Note to self –– you’re about to enjoy getting really productive, wherever you work!

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